Weather for sports and family holidays in France


The climate in the South of Aquitaine is wonderful, apart from some exceptions! Put in a different way... the only thing which is absolutely sure is – that nothing is sure. It might be too hot in March – and I remember unusual days in July with 10 degrees and rain. Understandably, even the worst summer ever in Léon would be celebrated in London as a dream! But the weather is somewhat less consistant than on the “Côte d´Azur” and the nights are fortunately cooler, so you will get a good restful sleep.


As from February it can get really warm, more than 20 degrees in the shade with often very cold nights. This continues in March, the sun becoming steadily more intensive – it can be hot, but with freezing nights. April is difficult: Champagne! Or mineral water? Summer or winter.


Then May clearly counts as the “never ending” Summer; which lasts until the end of October or even longer. In between there can be a short break – but it returns. On the 15th of November 2006 we had 24.5 degrees in the shade! Which is unusual. But the second part of October often allows wonderful parties on the beach with swimming and surfing – and with nobody around for many kilometers.

German Rowing Crews surfing in November Surfing for Rowers on a French autumn evening

Members of the German National Rowing Crews before and after surfing on November 9, 2006.


We absolutely can not give any guarantee for dream weather. But I can tell you that the weather here is a real dream – in relation to London (or Hamburg, where I come from). Just .. some exceptions. Sometimes.


The weather will not prevent you having a great sporting holiday in our paradise!

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